We As A Founders

  • Rahul Phate, a Pharmacologist, and universally known, for his deep study & research in the field of Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals, Indian Herbs and Ayurvedic Sciences and most renowned for his Vedic study of food and Vedic culinary sciences.
  • With his extensive research in the field of cosmeceuticals, he is known all over the world. His renowned brand of cosmetics & Nutraceuticals is “Rahul Phates Research Products.
  • With his extensive research in the field of Nutrition, calorie balanced food, and the healthy food technology, he has come up with the ready to serve concept of ever fresh food, in the authentic regional styles.
  • Rahul Phate is a Gold-medalist from Nagpur University, with his M. Pharm in Pharmacology.
  • His is also responsible for creating thousands of entrepreneurs in the field of beauty along with providing thousands of jobs in the field of beauty, and cosmetic Industry through his business innovations.
  • Mrunalini Phate, is a self created women entrepreneur and caters her expertise in the field of Logistics, financial deals, factory and business management and her keen interest in the field of Culinary sciences. She is an expert in the Maharashtrian cuisine and is renowned for the authentic, traditional and ancient Vedic recipes she make with the finest delicacy.
  • She has her expertise of more then 25 years in the field of cosmetic manufacturing and sales. She is the Managing Director of Mrunalini’s Ayurveda Pvt Ltd, CEO of Rahul Phate’s Innovations, Director of Tejoprabha Beauty and Health Pvt Ltd, and CEO of Mrunalini’s Foods and Beverage. Rahul Phate, With Mrunalini Phate has found
    Tejoprabha Beauty-N-Health Pvt. Ltd.