Munchy Mumbai

Happiness Wrapped in every munch!

Munchy Mumbai: Mumbaiya Place with Delicious Batata Vada, Vada Pav, Misal Pav, Pav Bhaji, Tava Pulav and Masoor Pav.


Munchy Mumbai is a pure vegetarian food chain serving authentic and most delicious Mumbai flavoured food, in no-cook no-cheff Concept. The food is completely ready, where you have to just heat and serve the food with minor variations. We provide with Healthy, Nutritious and Delicious, Indian, Mumbai style food, made to serve all across the globe.

Our scientific research on food and technology has made us provide the best ever tasty food, easy and ready to serve you. The taste of food remains the same and intact, without change in appearance, flavour or nutrition.


Made with most elegant, scientific ways to protect the delicacy of the food, with keen eye on the calorie contents. When the world is shifting towards the Artificial Intelligence, we serve you the original food intelligence, in natural, delicacy intact way.


Munchy Mumbai is born in Maharashtra, in the historical and ancient city of Nashik, a sister city to Mumbai, with the scientific, Authentic Indian food research done by Mr. Rahul Phate.


Rahul Phate as is known for his immense research on cosmetics, similarly he is known for his research on the Indian Vedic food.

Munchy Mumbai is the brand of Tejoprabha Beauty & Health Private Limited, a company registered under The Companies Act 1956, India.